Krynhaus the Deathless

Dwarvern Ex-Soldier


Character Index
Stock: Dwarf
Age: 68
Lifepaths: Born Clansman, Herder, Foot Soldier, Adventurer, Word Bearer


  • “Might makes right.”
  • “Magic is not to be trusted!”
  • “A true warrior shows no fear.”
  • Oath: “To satisfy my family honor, I must recover the Crystal of Fire from the filthy Bloodaxe Alliance.”


Call-On: Booming Voice (breaks ties in your favor for Conspicuous, Oratory, or Command skill tests), Quick Step (allows you to break ties in any Speed test where you are hurrying or hustling)
Character: Bearded, Salt of the Earth, Quirky
Die: Accustomed to the Dark (No penalty to see in twilight, starlight, candlelight, lamplight, or torchlight), Greed, Grudgekeeper (I will have my revenge upon the Bloodaxe Alliance for slaying my Uncle), Shaped from Earth and Stone (Crafts and Arts skills are open-ended), Stout (Speed must be lower than higher of Power or Forte; maximum Forte 9, maximum Speed 6; all others maximum 8), Tough (round up when calculating Mortal Wound), Adventurer (+1 Ob to Circles tests with Artificers or Noble Born Dwarves — they can smell that you’ve been out and about having adventures amongst men. Also grants a Minor affiliation (1D) with a group outside the Dwarf hold for free), Iron Memory (Ob3 Perception test to recall a vital game-important detail that a player has forgotten)

Fate: 1
Persona: 1
Deeds: 0

Will: B3
Perception: B5
Power: B6
Forte: B5
Agility: B5
Speed: B3

Greed: B5
Health: B5
Steel: B6
Reflexes: B4
Mortal Wound: B12

Animal Husbandry B1
Armor Training
Brawling B7
Climbing B3
Crossbow B6
Fence Building B2
Firebuilding B2
Foraging B2
Herbalism B2
Hold-wise B2
Lost Treasures-wise B4
Shield Training
Survival B2
Sword B6

Dwarvern-made plated mail, shoddy arms (non-dwarf made), clothes, traveling gear, sturdy shoes.

Resources: B0

Relationships, Affiliations, and Reputations

  • Relationship: powerful character, plays large part in game
  • Reputation: local hero, 1D

Circles: B1


Krynhaus the Deathless

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