Octavio Sinestri

Tilean Wizard, Scholar and Artifact Procurer


Character Index
Stock: Human
Age: 36
Lifepaths: Born City Dweller, Arcane Devotee, Rogue Wizard, Fence, Smuggler


  • “Magic is not the only solution to a problem, but it is the best solution.”
  • “Once an enemy, always an enemy.”
  • “Survive at all costs. But always return to avenge a slight.”


  • “They ARE out to get you. Always keep one eye looking over your shoulder.”
  • “If someone is going to harm a spider/bug I will take actions to stop them.”
  • “If in doubt, take it. You will need it later.”

Character: Base Humility, Paranoid, Shrewd, Spooky
Die: Gifted, Aura of Fear (Steel test when entering presence), Obscure Aura (double Ob penalty to read Octavio’s aura), Low Speech: Spiders

Fate: 1
Persona: 1
Deeds: 0

Will: B5
Perception: B6
Power: B3
Forte: B4
Agility: B4
Speed: B3

Health: B5
Steel: B7
Reflexes: B4
Mortal Wound: B9

Alchemy B3
Ancient Languages B3
Appraisal B3
Astrology B3
Calligraphy B2
Enchanting B3
Falsehood B4
Foreign Languages B3
Forgery B2
Graveyard-wise B3
Guard-wise B3
Haggling B2
Herbalism B3
History (Dwarvern) B3
Inconspicuous B2
Law-wise B3
Persuasion B2
Read B3
Research B3
Sorcery B6
Stealthy B1
Streetwise B3
Symbology B3
Ugly Truth B3
Write B2

Clothes, Traveling Gear, Herbalism Tool Kit.

Call of Iron, Firewalker, Horse’s Stride, Persuasion, Spirit Servant, Wall Walker, White Fire

Resources: B0

Affiliations and Reputations

  • Reputation: local hero, 1D

Circles: B2


Octavio Sinestri

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